Vivid descriptions of alternate realities

The Forces of Fire and Terra (Conrad and Doc Part 2)

At that moment, metallic tendrils sprang from the holes all around him. His attunement to the terra plane, which made such manipulations of land mass possible, gave him the warning he needed to spring from the wall at that moment. He followed a path of branching islands deep into the center of the molten pit. The magma kissed at the edges of unsteady land that he stood on, coaxing its way into Doc’s circle of security.

The Misadventures of Conrad and Doctane

The Flaming Crescent was a range of volcanic mountains off the southeastern coast of Meldevan. The isles, arranged in the shape of a crescent with a larger island in the middle, were rich with mineral deposits. When combined with the volcanic activity, molten metal would spontaneously force its way from the crust of the peaks, searing its way through anything in its path.

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